How to Get High in Your 20s

The effects of drug abuse are a major problem for many teens today, according to research by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

But how do you find out what drugs are making you so high?

Here are some tips for avoiding becoming addicted to drugs.1.

Keep a list of the drugs you use2.

Don’t take too many drugs at once3.

Make sure you don’t take them in combination4.

Know what’s good for you5.

Stop taking a drug if you have a medical condition or when you think you might need it6.

Know the risks and benefits of different medications7.

Get a doctor’s note8.

Ask your parents or guardians9.

Take the pill if you are pregnant and you want to take a pill at a later time.10.

Get tested for HIV and hepatitis C, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, and cholera.11.

Learn about birth control and birth control methods, including condom use, withdrawal methods, and birth rates.12.

Know if you should take other drugs, and if so, what to do with them.13.

Get help from a doctor or social worker14.

Talk to your pharmacist, health-care provider, or a health care worker to make sure you understand all your options.15.

Be careful not to smoke while you’re high, and to take other medicines that can make you sleepy.16. Don

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