How to identify a ‘flu’ and what to do if you’re caught with it

It was a hot summer day, and the crowd was already chanting for the National Anthem.

At least, that was the mood of the crowds when I got on the bus in Bologna.

The first thing I noticed was the crowd had grown bigger and louder as I walked into the bus station.

It wasn’t the crowd at all, but the people waiting in line, who were dressed in casual clothing and looked like they were having a great time.

They had the right to be, because this was Italy, the country where you could get the flu in the summer, and if you got sick, you were almost certain to get it.

I had a cold, but it didn’t seem to be too serious.

It was something I needed to be worried about, since I had just left the National Stadium.

On the bus, I could hear people screaming and people screaming.

I realised I had to hurry and grab a bite of something before everyone got sick.

I tried to take a bite, but I couldn’t get it all the way down.

As I was about to go home, I noticed a young boy sitting in front of me.

He was sitting there, staring at the sky, and there was a huge crowd waiting for him to sit down.

When he sat down, he looked so calm, even though he was coughing.

I looked at him and I knew he had the flu.

The boy had already passed the time for about an hour and a half, and had a very good time.

He had a lot of fun, laughing and talking.

The people in the crowd seemed to like him too, even if they didn’t know him very well.

I felt very relieved when the boy left.

I wanted to give the boy a hug, but there was nowhere to do it.

There was also a crowd of people waiting to get on the buses.

I decided to follow him, but that wasn’t going to happen.

I was standing on the platform, watching as he went by, so I just started to walk away.

The crowds had grown even bigger.

At that moment, I realised that I had been caught in a really big crowd.

As soon as I was gone, the crowds grew even bigger, and then they started to sing “Sic tu loro” (Hello, it’s the other way round), and people started shouting at each other.

I thought, this is the moment when I will get sick.

When I was in the back of the bus for a while, I couldn´t make out what they were saying.

They were saying things like, “You look very pale, and your face is pale, you must have the flu!”

I realised it was a crowd that was sick.

There were people with serious illnesses, and people who were not very well and were not being treated.

I couldn`t get any information from anyone, but a lot was said about the people that got sick in Ballybunion, which is the largest city in the country, and I was sure that I would get sick too.

I could feel the flu spreading all over me, and it felt like I was dying.

I got off the bus and walked into a street.

I walked to a shop that sells ice, and started taking the ice.

There weren´t many people there, but they were telling me about their illness.

I saw people getting treated for the flu, but also people dying.

They told me that the hospital there was full of people with flu, and some people were dying of pneumonia.

People with pneumonia and pneumonia were being treated in different rooms.

I went to the nearest pharmacy to buy some antibiotics and other things, and saw a woman lying in a hospital bed.

She had pneumonia and died.

I didn´t know what happened to her.

It felt like my stomach was collapsing, and my heart was starting to beat a lot faster than usual.

As far as I could tell, she had the virus and was dying, but people were saying that she should have been saved, and she was already dead.

I took the ice, put it in the freezer and left.

Later, I found out that the girl who died was an assistant nurse at a hospital.

She was one of the people who had been sent to Ballybulger.

I have heard rumours about this, but she died because she had pneumonia.

I don´t think that the doctors are telling the truth.

There are many people who are infected with the flu and get very ill, but then get treated in the hospitals and die.

There is a doctor in Ballaglio, who is also a nurse.

I can’t really find out anything about the rest of the hospital, but everyone I spoke to about the flu said that they were getting the flu because of the nurses.

I feel that I have been caught up in a big conspiracy.

I know that some people think that it

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