The world’s most vulnerable countries are more than twice as likely to have child abuse as those with the most robust safety net

The United States is the most dangerous place to be a child in the world, with more than 1.2 million children being abused every year, according to a new report.

Key points:The report found Australia’s child abuse rates were among the highest in the developed worldSource: The UN reportChildren in Australia are more likely to be sexually abused than in most developed countriesChild abuse in Australia is more likely in poorer countries with a child welfare system that places greater emphasis on preventing and responding to child abuse than on helping families cope with itThe report, called Child Abuse Statistics 2016, was released on Monday.

It found the prevalence of child abuse in the country is the highest among the developed countries.

It also found Australia had the most vulnerable children.

“There is little sign of progress on reducing child sexual abuse, child abuse, and neglect, which in turn poses a significant challenge to the resilience of communities, families, and the wider community,” the report said.

“The report highlights the need for further investment in child protection services, including in Indigenous and rural communities.”

Child abuse statistics are compiled by the UN and are based on a range of sources including surveys, official reports, media reports and research.

They are published annually in the UN Children’s Fund’s Annual Country Reports.

The report said it was “highly likely” that the United States had more children being sexually abused per capita than any other country in the industrialized world.

“In contrast to most developed economies, Australia has the highest rate of child sexual assault and abuse in relation to population in the OECD and in the EU,” the UN report said, referring to the European Union.

“This is despite the fact that Australian children experience higher rates of child maltreatment, neglect, and sexual abuse than children in any other OECD country.”

Children are also more likely than the general population to be subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

The United States ranked as the second most abusive country for children in the report, with almost 1.6 million children reporting at least one form of child physical or sexual abuse in 2016.

It was followed by Britain at 1.4 million, with 1.1 million children experiencing physical or physical sexual abuse.

“Australia is a country where child abuse is not only a matter of public concern, it is a national issue,” the authors of the report told the ABC.

“It is a problem which impacts every part of our society.”

We know from our own experience with the Australian Government’s Child Welfare Program, which was developed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, that our child protection systems are not as robust as they should be.

“While the report is based on information gathered by the United Nations, its findings apply to all of Australia.”

The report also found child abuse victims in Australia were disproportionately male.

In Australia, male child abuse perpetrators accounted for nearly half of child violence-related child abuse incidents in 2016, compared to around a quarter of child victims in other countries.


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