Why are Australian school shootings so frequent?

Posted December 03, 2018 09:20:15A study by the Australian Institute of Criminology has found that schools in Australia are a popular place for sexual assault victims to seek help.

The institute says around 50 per cent of reported school shootings in Australia involve victims of sexual assault.

The study, released in November, found there were around 2,000 reported school shooting incidents across the country in 2015.

The study said there were more than 8,000 incidents involving students aged 13 to 16.

It found the vast majority of school shootings occurred between the ages of 14 and 17, and the majority of victims were male.

The Australian Institute for Criminological research also found a majority of reported sexual assault incidents happened on the school grounds.

“While school violence is an important social issue, the vast numbers of reports are concerning,” the study said.

The institute found there was a clear relationship between sexual assault and access to resources.

“It is clear that access to sexual violence services and services that support victims and perpetrators are very important in reducing the prevalence of sexual violence,” it said.

“For example, in a survey of students in Melbourne, 77 per cent said that they had received a support person in the past 12 months.”

Sexual assault is a very serious crime, and many people who commit it experience shame, fear, guilt and feelings of powerlessness.

The National Sexual Assault Resource Centre and Rape Crisis Services offer support, advice and referrals to people who have been sexually assaulted.


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