Why are Instagram and Snapchat killing the social network?

By now, you’ve probably seen that Instagram and Snap are the hottest social media apps.

Both offer the ability to connect with people who share your interests and make your life easier.

Instagram offers a photo gallery with a huge catalog of more than 60 million photos, while Snapchat is a virtual community where you can interact with others and even create your own content.

But what is Snapchat’s secret?

Is it the perfect app for the modern day?

And how did it get to where it is today?

We sat down with Instagram co-founder Evan Spiegel to find out how Instagram started, how it’s grown, and how it’ll change the way people connect with one another in the future.

We also asked Spiegel how he views Snapchat, why it’s popular, and what he thinks about the new social network.

Q:What are you working on right now?

A: We’re working on a product that will bring social to the masses.

We’ve already started prototyping the idea with partners in the tech industry and the consumer space.

But it’s really about how we make the apps that are available today.

What people want and need, what they expect from the platform, and the way it connects with people and makes it easier for them to get to know people.

We’re still working on that, but we want to do it as quickly as possible.


How does Snapchat fit in with all this?

A. We are constantly learning.

Snapchat has become a platform for people to connect and interact with oneanother in real time.

But the real-time interactions are very different from what people expect.

Snapchat does not offer a photo album, it doesn’t have a real-life “friend” who you can send pictures of, and there’s no real-world person to interact with.

That’s where social is coming from.

That was a really exciting time in social media, and it’s very exciting for us to continue building our platform and bringing people together.

Q.: Can you tell us more about the “live” experience, like sharing photos and videos?

A.: We’re not doing it on a live feed.

It’s something that we built to connect people in real-size groups.

The “live feed” is a way for people who have a phone to instantly get to the group they belong to in realtime.

Snapchat doesn’t need to be an app.

It just needs to be a place where people can instantly interact with people they already know, where they can make friends and get things done, and where they’ll be able to share photos and video with each other.

Q., and: Are there any plans to integrate Instagram into Snapchat?

A., Snapchat is just a tool that we build on top of our platform.

We have a big team working on it.

We’ll continue to build our team to make sure that our product is a great platform.

Q:’Do you think there’s a market for a social network with a live app?


We’re focused on building a platform that’s very easy for people in the world to use.

It provides the right experience to make social connections, but it doesn-t need to have the right level of interaction with people.

People don’t need Snapchat to be happy, but they need the platform to make them feel good.

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