Why is there no more football for the Sydney Swans?

With only a couple of weeks remaining until the Sydney Roosters and Brisbane Broncos clash in a grand final, the AFL is again putting the focus on the competition.

But the question of whether the AFL has any interest in fielding a team from the Sunshine State has remained unanswered.

The answer is yes, as the AFL and the AFLW both agree that it should be.

But it has been a while since we had an AFL team from Queensland, and that is because the AFL was unable to get the team in Queensland because the State Government of Queensland is the Commonwealth Government.

That decision, however, could be changing, and it could also have something to do with the fact that the State has become increasingly isolated from the rest of Australia, with its population increasing.

The state has had a very different and unique history in Australia.

Its been a part of the United Kingdom since 1769.

It was a colony from 1810 and was then absorbed into the Australian Commonwealth in 1833.

Its a very distinct culture, it’s a very strong culture and it has had quite a bit of influence on Australian culture.

But, unfortunately, the Commonwealth and the State have become so separate, and so distinct, that it’s no longer possible to have any sort of AFL-style competition, in the sense of playing a game in Sydney or Brisbane.

It’s now time for a change.

We’re not going to get back to a match between two teams from Queensland.

The AFL has got a team in Sydney, it has got two teams in Brisbane, but it’s not going back to that and that’s where we are heading.


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