How does the US stack up on autism statistics?

The United States ranks near the bottom of the world in autism statistics, with one in five Americans diagnosed with autism and more than one in three living with the disorder.

Here’s a look at how the country stacks up, and how that compares to other countries.


The US ranks at the bottom in autism rates The U.S. has one of the lowest rates of autism in the world, according to a study released in December by the World Health Organization.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that autism prevalence in the United States ranges from 0.9 percent in the metro area of Dallas to 4.6 percent in New York City.

That compares to 4 percent in Denmark, 3.9 in Sweden, 2.6 in Finland, 1.6 with Australia and 0.8 in Canada.

More: The CDC says the U.K., Australia, and Canada also have high rates of ASD.

The CDC defines autism as a “disorder that causes difficulty in social interaction, communication or sensory processing, and that requires social interaction to function.”

The report also says more than 30 percent of U..

S.-born children with autism are living with it.

The United Kingdom and Sweden both have higher rates of childhood autism.

In addition, the report says more people with autism in those countries than in the U

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