When the media is in the news, Trump’s tweets are the most important

By Sarah Binder, National Review editor-at-largeSeptember 11, 2018 12:16:00With the election over and the media spotlight on the upcoming inauguration, a lot of Americans have been thinking about how to react to Trump’s press conferences.

Some have already done so by reading the headlines.

Others have simply taken to social media to share their thoughts about what it means to be a media junkie.

Some people even went so far as to share memes about what would happen if Trump took questions during his inauguration.

There are plenty of reasons for people to be excited about Trump’s new press conferences, but one of the most compelling ones may be his tweetstorm about the press on Tuesday.

When Trump took the podium in the Rose Garden on Tuesday, he seemed to be doing what he has been doing for years.

When asked what he was looking forward to most about his presidency, he tweeted, “Good luck to the press, they’re the real deal!”

Trump took questions from reporters on Tuesday night in the midst of the first press conference in a year.

It was a very different kind of press conference than what Trump has previously held.

For one thing, Trump didn’t hold any questions during the first presidential press conference he held in February 2017.

The media and his supporters were not allowed to ask questions during that one, either.

It is a strange thing to watch, to be sure, and it wasn’t as if Trump was talking about what he wanted to talk about.

He seemed to want to talk mostly about himself.

On Tuesday night, however, the president seemed to have a different agenda.

He spoke about the new president of Mexico, Rodrigo de la Cruz, who is expected to be sworn in later this week.

Trump also mentioned the importance of having “a strong leader” and “a smart person.”

He talked about “great generals,” a phrase that he frequently uses to describe himself.

Trump also talked about the military, the importance in keeping Americans safe, and how “America has always been a nation of immigrants.”

He seemed pretty confident about his ability to do so, as he is usually.

But the president did have some questions to ask reporters.

As expected, the media was not allowed inside the Rose Gardens press room during the briefing.

(Some have pointed out that the press is allowed to take photos, which is a bit of a problem for the press as it is usually much easier to get in a room where everyone is talking to the president than a room that isn’t.

But as we all know, Trump has a habit of talking about himself.)

Trump was also not allowed into the briefing room for questions from members of the media.

(I will note that there were several reporters in the room, but Trump and his press secretary, Hope Hicks, refused to let anyone inside.)

Trump has been asking questions on Twitter about the media since the campaign, but his press conferences tend to focus more on his daily events.

The most recent one was on Tuesday evening, and his tweets have been more focused on his business.

His focus has been on how the press has been covering him during his first year in office.

During the briefing, Trump spoke about “the dishonest media” and how they have “destroyed our country,” according to the transcript of the news conference obtained by the New York Times.

He also mentioned a number of “fake news stories” about his administration.

In addition to the Trump administration, the press conference also touched on a number other issues.

First, Trump said that the media’s “total inability to report” the news was “terrifying,” which is true, but it is also true that he has not always been able to do that.

Trump has said that he often tweets things he has already said on the campaign trail.

It seems to be that the way he speaks and the way his press briefings are run by his press team have caused a lot more damage to the media than it has helped.

On Wednesday, however and with the inauguration just around the corner, the Trump press team was taking the opportunity to make a few more public statements about what to expect from the new administration.

He said that there are “many people in the media that want to destroy us” and said that it is “not fair” to the American people.

He also took a swipe at the media by saying that “everybody knows who the real journalists are,” according a transcript of his press conference.

The press has “a totally different agenda than the agenda of the president and I think they’re going to have the last laugh,” he said.

In response to Trump, Hicks tweeted a statement from the White House about the briefing and the fact that the White’s “chief of staff, press secretary and chief strategist” will be “on the White and on the South Lawn.”

The White House also said that Spicer will be on the East Lawn, which isn’t unusual.

Spicer’s schedule includes a “media availability” on Wednesday,

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