How police death figures are getting revised

Police have been forced to revise their figures on how many deaths and serious injuries they have reported in the past year after new figures revealed more than 1,400 were reported in 2014.

The new figures for deaths and injuries for 2015-16 are due to be published on Monday.

They will be compared to the previous year’s figures and show a slight reduction in the number of people killed by police, police said.

However, the figures will also show the number and rate of injuries, a breakdown of which has been kept secret from the public.

More: Police officers are not expected to be paid by the government in the next 12 months as they work on an overhaul of the country’s policing model, which was unveiled last month.

Chief Superintendent Michael O’Shea said the new figures will allow the public to see the true scope of the issue.

“These are not numbers to be taken lightly,” he said.

“We are constantly looking at the statistics to ensure they reflect the true extent of the problem and the way we respond to it.”

The police service has previously said it had not changed the way it collects death and serious injury data because of the death of John Russell in 2013.

In his verdict, Chief Superintendent Michael said the latest figures had shown that the number who died or were injured was “increasing” but said he had no plans to change the way police reported the deaths of people.

He said that was because the new data included the death in hospital and a number of other injuries.

Police are also due to release a more comprehensive death and injury table in the coming weeks.

A separate report into the death and injuries of a teenager in Sydney’s north-west in May showed that in 2014, more than 2,500 people had died or been seriously injured in NSW.

That was almost four times the number recorded in the previous 10 years, the coroner’s report said.

The police force is due to issue a statement on the report’s findings next week.

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