How to use Google Trends to learn more about sexual assault statistics

Google Trends is one of the more important tools to understand the changing dynamics of sexual assault.

Its ability to give a more complete picture of the state of the epidemic of sexual violence can help to make important and timely policy and public policy decisions.

For instance, the fact that Google Trends can reveal the state and severity of sexual assaults in a particular geographic region, even within a specific state, is a powerful tool to make decisions about how best to combat the epidemic.

The search term ‘sexual assault’ is the most commonly used Google trend.

It has over 3 million users across all major social networks and the number of searches has increased from a mere 3 million in 2017 to over 5 million searches in 2018.

This number is likely to be increasing in coming years, as more and more users search for sexual assault related terms.

But how can we use Google trends to understand sexual assault?

Google Trends provides a simple but powerful tool for users to discover more information about sexual violence on Google.

By searching for a search term that is commonly searched on Google, users can see how similar the term is to other searches in their area.

For example, if a user searches for ‘school rape’, Google Trends will show similar searches as if the user searched for ‘sexual abuse’.

In fact, Google Trends displays searches for sexual abuse, as well as searches for rape, as the terms that are most frequently searched for in Google.

Google Trends is a simple search tool.

It allows users to filter by keyword search terms to see how many searches have been made for the same term.

For a list of search terms in Google Trends, see Google Trends Search Engine.

Google also provides a tool that can be used to search for a specific search term, which can be a helpful tool to help users find specific terms.

The search term can be found in the Google search bar, and can be entered using the Google Keyword Planner.

For example, the search term “sex abuse” is displayed in the search results as the first result, followed by searches for “school rape”, “school sexual abuse”, and “sexual abuse”.

If a user enters “sex” as a keyword, the term will be returned as the next result.

This is a great way to help people to find relevant information about sex abuse, such as statistics on the number and severity, and the rate of cases.

However, it’s important to note that the results of Google Trends search results are not necessarily representative of the true state of sexual abuse in the US.

Google Trends uses different terms for different types of sexual offenses.

Google uses the terms ‘sexual aggression’, ‘sexual battery’, ‘sex trafficking’, and ‘sexually oriented offense’ to describe the types of offenses that Google uses to classify searches in its search results.

In addition, Google uses various other terms, such ‘sex offenders’, ‘pedophiles’, ‘violent predators’, ‘rapists’, and others, to describe these types of crimes.

In many cases, the actual state of these offenses varies significantly from one state to the next.

This makes it difficult to estimate the actual number of sex offenders in the United States.

The best way to find out how many sex offenders are in a given state is to look at a national crime report from the FBI.

The FBI has data on sexual assaults, and its data is available for each state in the country.

For each state, the FBI has the following statistics:In other words, there are different ways that a user can search for the search terms ‘school sexual assault’, ‘school sex abuse’, ‘child molestation’, and so on.

If a search includes the search word ‘sex abuse’, the results will include all sexual assault terms, including those that include the term ‘child molester’.

For example: A user searches “school sex rape” in Google, and a search for “sexual battery” in Bing.

In this case, the searches will return all sexual abuse terms, and they will also include the words ‘sexual predator’ and ‘child offender’.

However, if they search for ‘child sexual abuse’, a search will return the word ‘sexual abuser’, because that is the search that contains the term “sexual predator”.

The Google search term for ‘pedophile’ will return results that include “pedophile”, which is a term that Google will return.

However, searches for the term in Bing will include only “pedophilic”, which includes all of the terms for sexual predators that Google returns.

Google is continually improving the way it categorizes search results, and is constantly adding new search terms that will help users to identify and find more information on sexual abuse.

Users can also access more comprehensive information about the prevalence of sexual misconduct by using Google Trends.

The data Google provides on the prevalence and nature of sexual harassment in its Search Console can be very helpful to users who are interested in understanding the prevalence or severity of a specific crime.

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