Why do some people say they want to be a doctor?

A study has found that a large number of people in Australia are “unhappy with their jobs and with the status quo” and would like to become a doctor.

The survey of more than 1,500 Australians found that only 27 per cent said they were happy with their job, while only 24 per cent were satisfied with their work life and 22 per cent felt like a “doctor or surgeon”.

In fact, the survey also found that, while 70 per cent of people said they would like a career in the health care sector, only 31 per cent actually wanted one.

The report, published by Australian Medical Association’s Australia Research Group, also found Australians “understand that the healthcare sector is not for everyone”.

“Some people may not be satisfied with the level of pay they receive in the current health care system, or the cost of healthcare and they would prefer to be independent doctors, or opt to work from home, or work from community health, or volunteer,” the report said.

It said there were “significant social and cultural barriers” that made it difficult for many people to seek medical help.

“For some, being a doctor is perceived as something that is a stepping stone towards a career, whereas for others, it is seen as a career option that could provide financial security and opportunities for personal growth and growth in social and community life,” the researchers wrote.

There were also concerns that many Australians were “in denial” about the quality of healthcare, particularly in rural areas, the report found.

Despite the challenges, “Australians do have the opportunity to have the experience and skills to work in the healthcare field”, it said.

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