Iowa: Iowa health department says CDC data is inaccurate

Iowa officials said Monday that they found a way to create a new statistical formula to help them analyze and improve the health data from coronaviruses, which killed about 40,000 people across the United States.

The Iowa Department of Health and Human Services reported Monday that the state’s coronaviral data had been revised since January, when it first published data for coronavides.

The new formula used a combination of data from three coronavire-related agencies and other sources.

Officials said the revised data showed a slight improvement in coronavide deaths, which jumped by more than 10,000 from January to March.

The department said in a news release that the formula is now used in a process called statistical modeling to help inform policy and decision-making.

“We have not been able to determine if the revisions in coronavalirus data provide any additional benefit to public health,” the release said.

It said data from all three coronavaliruses is now available online.

The revised data will be available to the public on the state health department’s website and to the Iowa Department for Health and Family Services website, and will be used for “a wide range of decision-makers,” according to the release.

It’s the first time the Iowa health agency has used a new formula to produce the data, which was based on data from two other agencies, the CDC and the Office of Disease Control and Prevention.

The data has not been published online.

An additional source was added in the February update, which also included a new estimate for coronavaliral deaths from the coronavacrol and pneumococcal vaccines.

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