Which country has the highest percentage of pornhub users?

Statistics: The average amount of time users spend viewing porn on a daily basis, and the average number of views per user.

Source Hacker News article Statistics from Pornhub:The number of porn stars per 100 users, as well as the average time per day that users spend watching porn.

Source Reddit/Pornhub data: The number of times users clicked on a porn video and the number of viewers per user as well.

Source Google Trends: The amount of times a user has clicked on one of Google’s top-ranked porn videos in the last week.

Source Pornhub data/Google Trends: Percentage of users who have clicked on porn videos, as a percentage of all users.

Source Wikipedia: Percentage points of people who watched a porn movie in a given day, as calculated by Pornhub.

Source The Daily Dot: The percentage of people watching porn videos as a percent of all people in the United States.

Source Pornhub’s data: Average number of videos viewed per day per user, as measured by PornHub.

Source Twitter: The total number of users on Twitter who have watched a video of a pornstar in the past 24 hours.

Source Reddit/Twitter data: Number of users tweeting about the number or quality of a video that has been viewed in the previous 24 hours, as of October 1, 2018.

Source Google Trends data: Percentage number of people saying that they watched a particular video in the current day.

Source Pinterest: The frequency of users’ viewing a porn-related post in the Pinterest app.

Source Twitter: Users who tweeted about porn- related posts in the Reddit subreddit “PornHub” on October 1st, 2018, as an average.

Source reddit/porn-hub data analysis: Percentage (per minute) of users using the search “P.M.T.” on October 4th, 2018 to search for and view porn-themed posts.

Source PETA data: Total number of comments posted to the Reddit thread “Poo Facts.”

Source PornHub’s data analysis analysis: Total posts that have been uploaded to the site, as defined by Porn Hub.

Source /r/Porno: The largest subreddit on the internet dedicated to pornography.

Source Wikipedia: The content of subreddits that have had the most content devoted to pornography over the past two years.

Source Huffington Post: The most-shared content on Reddit.

Source Buzzfeed: The highest-trafficked social media site for pornography.

Sources Google Trends, Pornhub, and Pinterest data analysis.

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