Kansas is the safest place in the country to live in, according to census data

A new study finds Kansas residents are the safest in the U.S. in a ranking of key statistics.

The Globe and Mail is using Census data to rank Kansas and the rest of the country based on four major factors: the rate of violent crime, the rate at which children are being adopted, the prevalence of gun violence and gun deaths.

It found that every state except one (Arizona) had a lower violent crime rate than Kansas.

The study, published Tuesday in the journal Health Affairs, says that Kansas residents have the lowest homicide rate in the nation and the lowest rates of child abuse and neglect.

The rankings, which use the most recent census data available, are based on data from the 2013 U. S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the official census survey.

The survey collects data on everything from housing, health, employment, income and poverty.

It is not a perfect measure of a state’s safety, the Globe reported.

But it is an indication of where people live.

The top three safest states in the United States are all located in the South and Midwest.

The most dangerous state is New Mexico, where homicides are up nearly 60% from 2012.

The least safe state is Arkansas, where a homicide rate is almost twice as high as in the rest.

The states with the lowest murder rates are in the West, including Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah.

Here’s how the rankings are broken down.


Rate of Violent Crime: Kansas has the second-lowest rate of crime of any state.

The country’s highest rate of property crime is in Missouri, followed by Arizona and Texas.


Rates of Child Abuse and Neglect: The highest rates of violent and property crime are in Wyoming and Idaho.

The lowest rates are found in Missouri and Arkansas.


Number of Guns: Kansas is second only to Wyoming for the lowest rate of gun deaths, at 7.4 per 100,000 people.


Gun Deaths: Kansas ranks among the safest states for children to live, with fewer than 2,200 deaths per 100 in 2013.

Kansas has one of the lowest firearm-related deaths per capita in the whole country.


Gun Violence: A study published last year by researchers at the University of New Hampshire found that Kansas has a lower rate of firearm homicides per 100 gun-owning households than any state except Colorado.


Rates at which Children are Being Adopted: According to the 2013 census, 1 in 20 Kansas children are adopted.

The rate is lower in Idaho, New Mexico and Wyoming than it is in Kansas, and the rate is lowest in Texas, which has the lowest adoption rate.


Rates for Gun Deaths in the past year: Kansas was No. 6 in gun deaths in 2013, and in the six years since the Census Bureau released its report, it was No, 6.8.


Rate at which Firearms are Used in Crime: In 2013, there were 4,500 gun-related homicides in the state, according the report.

The state’s rate was lower in 2014 than in previous years, but it was still lower than the national average.

The national average was 6,739.9 homicides per year.


Rate for Gun-Related Deaths in Kansas in 2013: There were 6,819 gun-deaths in Kansas between 2006 and 2013.

The U..

S., as a whole, has the highest rate for gun- related deaths in the world.


Gun- Related Deaths per 100 People in Kansas: In the past 10 years, Kansas has had the highest homicide rate of any U. States.

The report states that since 2007, the state has had nearly 1,400 homicides per 1,000 residents, or one murder for every 14,200 people.

The highest rate is in New Mexico.


Rate in the Past Year of Firearms in the Home: Kansas had the most firearm- related homicides in a single year, according, the report, which found that 3,766 people were killed with guns in 2014, a rate of more than four times the national rate.


Rate among the Most Educated in the Nation: Kansas ranked among the most educated states in terms of the percentage of residents who were college graduates.


Rate per 100 Adults in Kansas that are employed: Kansas, the nation’s third-largest state, had the third-highest rate of joblessness in 2013 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The number of people unemployed in the Kansas state was 6.3 per 100 people, which is more than the rate in other states.


Rate Per 100 People Per Person in Kansas That are Unemployed: Kansas lost 1,829 jobs per 100 residents in 2013 compared to the national unemployment rate of 4.6 per 100.

The unemployment rate in Kansas is also higher than the U,S.



Rate In the Past Month of Gun Violence in Kansas (2013-2014):

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