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Why Black Americans Are More Likely to Be Arrested Than Their White counterparts

4/2/17The number of Americans arrested by police for crimes has jumped to record levels in the past year, according to a new report by the Brennan Center for Justice.In 2016, police in the U.S. arrested 1.2 million people for nonviolent crimes, which includes traffic violations, minor offenses like public urination and littering, and felony offenses […]

Analysis of Australian government data shows the country’s population growth is slowing

In 2014, Australia’s population grew by 0.8% to 2.2 million, while its population aged 65 and over grew by 1.4%.Despite the increase in population, the government has warned that Australia’s child-care, welfare and education systems are too fragile to handle a rapidly growing population.The Bureau of Statistics (BIS) says that in 2016-17, Australia was home […]

Why Bayesian statistics has become the most important statistic in statistics

Bayesian Statistics: A Statistical Theory for Understanding and Predicting Social Behavior article When it comes to the science of statistics, Bayesianism is king.The field of statistical analysis is built on the idea that the structure of a theory should reflect the reality of a given situation.If a theory is constructed to accurately represent reality, then […]

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